Too often, manufacturing processes and process flows are set up by expanding R&D pilot runs. On top of it, organizations tend to develop their logistic function by planning using a “push system”, i.e. by deciding to manufacture inventory. Depending on the manufacturing cycle time, initiation of production work orders may not match the sales leading to too excess inventory on one hand and back orders on the other hand.

By implementing simple lean manufacturing principles, we will help you to:

  1. Reduce your cycle time (length of time from starting a work order to putting the products in finished goods inventory).
  2. Increase your yields
  3. Reduce your finished goods inventory

The changes will be quantifiable and cost savings immediate.

Many other benefits will results from re-engineering the manufacturing flow and supporting documentation such as boosting employee morale, increase your operation capacity without purchasing additional equipment, being more flexible to varying demand.

Process mapping
Once the scope of the projects has been defined, we will map your current state and identify the areas of bottle necks and non-value added activities. To be effective, it will include team members from various functions including manufacturing, quality, engineering, and planning.

Reduce non-value added activities
We will be able to show you that gains in productivity will not come from reducing the time of a specific process (such as bonding for example), but instead by looking at the overall picture of materials, people and documentation flows.

Implementation plan
We will then map the future state of the operation. Using a detailed implementation plan for the changes will prevent any disruption to the output of your business during the transition. The improvements will not only be cost effective, but also improve your regulatory compliance.

We will lead or assist you through the execution of the implementation. Our goal is not only to improve your operations efficiency, but also to leave you with techniques and tools to further refine and implement on-going continuous improvements to further reduce costs.


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